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Reiki healing

What is Reiki?

Reiki is Japanese and means Universal (Rei) life force (ki). Reiki is an ancient healing method originating from Tibetan Buddhism. Dr. Usui rediscovered Reiki in the 19th century and developed the methods we use today. Today, Reiki is probably the most recognized and widespread method of healing.

How is Reiki performed?

When you receive Reiki Healing, you will lie on a Reiki table, fully clothed, while I gently place my hands in specific hand positions throughout your body.


You just have to relax and enjoy the quiet music.

It is also possible to receive remote healing. With remote healing, you simply have to find a quiet place at home and receive the healing that I perform at the time we agree.

What is Reiki used for?

Reiki healing can be used for many purposes, for example Reiki can help reduce:

  • Physical pain and tension

  • Stress/burnout

  • Depression

  • Fatigue/ sleep problems

  • Hormonal problems

  • Migraines/headaches

  • Inflammation

  • discouragement

  • sugar addiction

How does it feel?

How Reiki feels varies greatly from person to person and even from time to time. It often depends on where your imbalance is. You may feel it clearly, physically or mentally, or you may feel nothing, Reiki can have an impact regardless of the feeling, and sometimes you will experience the changes in the days or weeks after the healing. It is difficult to explain in words what in essence cannot be explained in words. I would recommend you try Reiki to see what it does for you.

How does it work?

Reiki is available to everyone, always. As a healer I use certain techniques to transfer the healing energy to you that flows through my hands, however I am just a channel for Reiki.

Reiki moves to where there is the greatest need to create balance in mind, body and soul

Duration and bundles


Full Reiki healing

Duration approx. 75 min. includes a short talk (15 min.) after the session.


Remote healing

Duration approx. 30 minutes unless you have special requests.



When you buy 3 or more Reiki sessions at a time, you can save more than 25 % off the original price.


If you want to know more or book a healing, please feel free to contact me

Thank you for your message!
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