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Retrograde planets 

Most people have heard of Mercury retrograde, but did you know that the other planets also have retrograde periods? In fact, there is - almost - always at least one planet that is retrograde. Here you can learn more about what it means when a planet - or asteroid - is retrograde.


What does retrograde mean?


Mercury retrograde


When saturn - the teacher - is retrograde

Seen from an astronomical perspective, the retrograde motion of the planets is just an optical illusion. Astrologically, however, it is of great importance whether a planet moves direct or retrograde.

A retrograde planet goes through the same degrees it has just moved through. In the end, it's about a new look at the past.

Mercury retrograde is one of the more commonly known and "notorious" astrological phenomena and is blamed for a great deal. Misunderstandings, delays, wrong purchases, forgotten agreements, messages that do not arrive or are received by the wrong person, contracts that we later have to try to get out of, traffic chaos and breakdowns of IT systems are all classic examples of Mercury retrograde. But all too often the most important function of Mercury retrograde is overlooked.

Saturn has a reputation for being a hard teacher, and there are probably many who can nod in recognition of that. But Saturn's mission is to show you where you have to take responsibility - and is fair as long as you take it.

When Saturn is retrograde, it's about really getting Saturn's lesson under your skin.

"Retrogrades are the cosmic clock's time for the planetary issues to be re-lived, re-visited and, if resisted, repeated in order to be fully resolved"

Jeffrey Wolf Green

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