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My approach to astrology 


Your birth chart is basically a 'snap shot' of the planetary placements at the exact time of your birth.

"as above, so below".


You could argue that your birth chart shows "who you are". But your birth chart shows merely your hand of cards - not how you play them. More so, your birth chart reflects possible life themes, paths, relationship patterns, challenges and strengths. It's a map of options - not a definitive answer to the choices you'll make in your lifetime.


In other words, astrology does not define your destiny. You do!

Your life is not predetermined because of what's "written in the stars". Similarly, your life is not defined by your past experiences. What defines you is the choices you make, right now.

I believe that we all have certain lessons to learn and obstacles to overcome. Your experiences are merely stepping stones on this journey - and your birth chart serves as a guide, as it presents certain options. You can choose to follow the advice that your chart gives you. Or not. It's really up to you. No matter how you life your life, you somehow enact your birth chart. But how you live your life is your choice.


I consider astrology as a tool to make the unconscious conscious. Astrology can reveal unconscious behavioural patterns - or even confirm certain traits, abilities or life paths that we have suppressed or not fully acknowledged. 

With consciousness you have the ability to make better choices in your life.


Awareness is necessary if you want to bring out the best in you.

Your chart can reveal a lot about your personality, potentials and inhibitions.

Yet the purpose of astrology is not to reduce you to a particular notion of "who you are." It's a broad framework within which your personality and your life unfolds.


Your birth chart says a lot about the nature of the challenges you face through life - and your ability to deal with them. Yet it is ultimately your conscious (and unconscious) choices that determines the outcome. 

You have your free will - yet in order to truly assert your will freely I would argue that it implies conscious choices. 


So, no matter what you do, say, think or feel, you are enacting your birth chart...

HOW you enact it is a matter of consciousness, personal development - and the steepness of the mountain you're climbing.  

Astrology also shows WHEN certain challenges or possibilities are triggered throughout your life. The progressive chart shows you the timing of these triggers along with possible good and bad responses to them. Once again, astrology is a guide, not your destiny.

The consciousness that astrology can bring, can be very empowering. It makes you aware of all that you can be and what you truly need to be happy. It can also help you free yourself from patterns that keep you stuck in something that is not working.

In other words, it can help you create the change you need in order to live a life you love.


When I look at a birth chart, I look for answers to questions like:

Why are you at this juncture in your life?

What are your unique abilities and how can you express them?

How can you evolve and become the best version of yourself?


Or maybe you have questions like: 

Why are you prone to stress or depression?

Why are your finances poor no matter how well you're paid?

Why are you not happy with your job despite your success and recognition? or

Why do you keep attracting abusive or unavailable partners?

The answers to those questions already lie within you. Yet I consider myself as a 'disruptor' who points out certain things that I find important - and a guide who may point you towards different options to the questions at hand.


To me, astrology is all about developing the highest expression of the qualities you already possess. Everything that you need in life is already available to you, whenever you're ready.

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