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Data Protection (GDPR)

Protection of your personal information when purchasing services from AstroLab

When you buy a service from me, I consider it a declaration of trust. You give me access to personal information about you in order to provide my service. I would like to honor that trust. 

General personal data

The personal information I need is basically limited to general personal information such as (first) name, date and place of birth and email address. In some cases, information about life events may be relevant, e.g. for astrological 'correction' of your time of birth.

Your personal data will only be used to provide the service you have purchased from AstroLab and for invoicing for this. They will not be used for any other purpose. When you give me information in connection with your purchase, I consider it as consent that AstroLab may receive, store and use the information in connection with the specific service. 

It is your information and you decide on it

You have at all times have the right to obtaininsightin the information I have about you, get your informationcorrectedor doobjectionagainst the processing of your information. You also have the right - at any time - to obtain information about youdeleted.  

During a session, it's yoursown responsibilityto only provide information that you want me to receive. Information you provide during a session will only be used in connection with the specific service. A session with me is a confidential space and information about you is not shared unless expressly agreed. 

IT security

As a sole proprietorship, it is unfortunately almost impossible to have a highly secure and closed system for the exchange of personal information. However, I attach great importance to data protection and there is no outsider who has access to your information, which is stored locally on a restricted computer. 

Audio files and documents are not encrypted, but stored password-protected and deleted after 6 months, unless otherwise agreed. Services that contain personal data can by agreement be sent as a zip file with a password.

Take care of your personal data

I would like to encourage to think carefully when using unsecured mail and not least social media. Contact me if you have any doubts about how we can best protect your personal information together.

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