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Most people know their zodiac sign; the sign the sun was in at birth. And the vast majority also know at least some of the most common (and sometimes somewhat condemning) descriptions of the various signs. "Well, you're a Scorpio? Huh, so you must be the jealous type" or "Taurus? Well, they're stubborn." The Water Bearer (also called Aquarius) doesn't like being boxed in - but aren't they a little weird too, or do they just want to do things their own way? There may be truth in the fixed "personality types", but the reality is somewhat more complicated. A zodiac sign has many nuances and expressions. And not only  that, you are not only your zodiac sign! A horoscope actually contains all 12 signs, however planets and aspects show how and to what degree they unfold. 

A horoscope contains many elements and can quickly become too complex. But if you know your sun sign (zodiac sign), your ascendant and your moon sign, you have already come a long way.

But do you even know your ascendant? The ascendant depends on the exact time and place of birth and is the term for the "rising sign", i.e. the point in our solar system that is due east at the exact moment of birth. The eastern horizon naturally changes depending on where on earth you are. This is the explanation why it is important to know the time of birth. But as you know, the earth also rotates once around itself in one day - while the zodiac signs (ecliptic) stay where they are! This means that the ascendant moves through all signs in a day.

The Ascendant is your outward person and is other people's first impression of you. It is our "expression" and style, the way we carry ourselves, our facial expressions and gesticulations. The ascendant is expressed in the meeting with the outside world. If your sun sign and your ascendant are very different, it is therefore not uncommon for people who don't know you very well to see your ascendant first. However, the Ascendant is more than your "facade". It says a lot about how you navigate through life and what "filter" you see the world through. The planet that rules your ascendant sign also says something about the type of activities you develop through.

The ascendant, like the sun, is absolutely central to being able to read a horoscope. If you know your exact time and place of birth, you can easily calculate it online - you can, for example, google "calculate ascendant", or, where you can both see and save your horoscope and get more basic information completely free of charge.

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Mercury retrograde

Mercury retrograde is one of the more widely known and "notorious" astrological phenomena. Mercury retrograde is actually to blame for quite a bit. Misunderstandings, delays, wrong purchases, the wrong parking disc, agreements that go down the drain or get changed, messages that don't arrive or are received by the wrong person, contracts that we later have to try to get out of, traffic chaos, computer crashes and IT systems not working. All classic examples of "surprises" during Mercury retrograde. 


Mercury is often called the planet of communication. The planet represents all forms of communication, technology, transportation, movement and transactions, buying and selling. Basically, Mercury is about exchange and movement. Exchange of thoughts, ideas, values and energy. And about everything connected with movement. The body in motion, means of transport - and not least thoughts that move in and out of our consciousness. Both those who are quickly gone again and those who can spin around for days, months or years. When it is retrograde, the otherwise so fast and smart-in-a-moment Mercury therefore becomes something around the floor. What the planet represents is turned upside down; the speed is slowed down and what used to be easy and fast can suddenly become a lot of trouble.


But all too often the most important function of the retrograde periods is overlooked. Namely, GOING BACK. Retrograde periods force us, often in the strangest ways, to slow down. By causing us to slow down, the retrograde periods allow us to step back and reassess, refocus, reflect and repair. Revisit something that may have lacked some detail or needed more attention. Possibly to be able to continue it later on a better and more solid foundation, or perhaps to, on reflection, realize that it no longer works. But if we are used to a life with speed across the field, it requires a certain amount of patience. If we fight against the influence, we just experience frustration and stress over everything we don't achieve and everything that goes wrong. When I say all that goes wrong it is because circumstances and events WILL force us to slow down if we don't take care of it ourselves. The purpose of going back is to ensure that we think about it one more time. The reduced pace can bring new knowledge with it; because maybe there was information in the contract that we weren't quite ready to commit to, or missing information to make a well-informed choice.


Mercury retrograde can turn upside down the way we normally think and communicate. If you are usually a very rational thinker, during Mercury retrograde you can become more intuitive and creative thinker - and vice versa. In that way, the period can provide some other perspectives on things. You can also be efficient and get things done during the period. You should not start new things during this particular period, but you can research or prepare something new, or resume previous projects and get them completed. In general, it is a favorable period to step back and reflect on and become more aware of why we think and communicate the way we do. And if you feel like there was more to be gained from a relationship, a project or an idea, go back and give it another chance.  



Mercury retrograde means that, as seen from Earth, the planet is moving "backwards". Mercury is retrograde 3-4 times a year, approximately 3 weeks at a time (plus the so-called "shadow period" before and after it is retrograde). This means that the planet is retrograde for up to a quarter of a year, which makes it even more important to know the DOs and DON'Ts during retrograde periods! Which specific themes it is about depends on the sign(s) Mercury is in during its retrograde period and where in your horoscope it takes place, including whether any personal planets are involved.

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