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Welcome to AstroLearning

learn about basic astrology

Are you a beginner in astrology or do you just find it difficult to navigate the jungle of information about astrology on the web, in books, podcasts, apps, etc.? Then you have come to the right place!

Here at AstroLearning you can get basic knowledge about astrology. I am trained in psychological astrology, but my starting point

is especially evolutionary astrology and 'step astrology', which was developed by Christopher Witcki and inspired by, among other things, numerology. 

If you are more curious, you can also learn a lot moreUniversal Logic AcademyUniversal Logic Academy offers both free and paid courses in astrology as well as a number of other topics, such as manifestation, reiki and numerology.


I emphasize high professionalism and at the same time want to convey astrology in a language that is understandable. ​My ambition is also to offer something that cannot be found anywhere else - so I would love to hear from you if there is something within my areas of expertise that you would like to know more about.

You can contact mehere. I look forward to hearing from you!


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