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the zodiac signs
- the 12 archetypes

are you interested in knowing more about the archetypes in astrology, you canUniversal Logic Academyfind free videos for each of the 12 characters.

Below is a brief description of the 12 signs of the zodiac. 


You are a pioneer. You like to be at the forefront and are always looking for new challenges. You are very immediate and quickly get excited when it comes to new projects. You like to be the first to get things started and have an almost naive belief that your project will succeed. However, it is one thing to set things in motion - another is to complete a task...

You are also the leader. You have a knack for getting people on board with you and getting others to support your projects. With you at the helm, something happens! Where others see obstacles and think it's impossible, you see challenges waiting to be solved. You steer straight towards the challenges with an upright forehead. 

Aries is often called  the warrior. You are partly rooted in the outward-directed – and potentially aggressive – energy. Partly because Aries has what it takes to act quickly and courageously under pressure. And it is necessary – because Aries tends to attract stressful situations.

The deeper meaning of Aries energy is about developingagainst. To choose your battles carefully, but to fight for what is important. To decide on your own life. The key is to do what you need to do – regardless of the resistance you encounter. If this energy is suppressed, you forget yourself and can instead become more pleaser-like.


You are the strong, silent type who quietly works your way to the goal with stubborn persistence. Once you make up your mind about something, you stick to it and virtually nothing can make you change course. In situations where others become uncertain or run around lost, you remain calm.

You experience the world through yourssenses. It can be expressed in many different ways; by listening to music, dancing and moving the body, having your fingers in the soil, kneading the dough or letting your fingers slide over a body, an instrument or the freshly sanded table top. Movement, music – and silence – awaken your senses and you contribute to a form of calm and simplicity. You also appreciate delicious food and wine, soft materials, massage etc. You love to be pampered and also enjoy pampering others.

You need continuity andstability. Change can make you uneasy and reluctant. Therefore, you also have the ability to persist – for example a marriage, friendship or a job – throughout your life.

You may have a feeling of insecurity and restlessness and therefore seek the familiar and secure. There must be calm. Simple living. In your search for inner peace and security, however, you may confuse inner security with material security. You can become too preoccupied with things, money and everyday luxuries. Materialism and an excessive need for pleasure and luxury can get in the way of inner peace. Your tendency towards complacency   and inflexibility can also make you "stuck" and not develop. Peace and security can be transferred. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone, out of your familiar, safe routines, and feel that you are living and developing. Otherwise it will simply be too boring.


The twin isdualisticby nature. In fact, it is rare to see a Gemini alone! Intellectually, you are very versatile and flexible, but can also be decidedly fluttery and have fleeting interests. You are by nature quick in thought and action, often a little restless, and have a great need for change and variety.


You have an almost insatiable hunger for thatlearn new– and it must go quickly! Your ability to see different points of view and collect a lot of information means that you have an ability to come to different conclusions based on different perspectives. You can argue anything!

You thrive on something new and interesting happening - all the time. You are open and always willing to be surprised.

However, you must also learn to listen.  

Your consciousness isfast. You perceive quickly and love to observe and learn new things - and then you love to talk! As quickly as your interest can be piqued, however, just as quickly you can move on to the next topic. The goal is not necessarily to understand and not at all to go in depth, but to perceive what is there without forming opinions about it.

The key is to be genuinely curious about your surroundings. To see, listen and learn - and to leave you confused and shocked.

The pursuit of knowledge and experiences can become a goal in itself, which can result in you being overwhelmed or lost in endless, indifferent talk or outright gossip. You can run yourself down completely, or you can become so flustered that you have a hard time completing anything.


Cancer experiences the world through emotions. You have a rich inner life and an emotional language. You feel everything - and thus objectivity does not exist in your world. You are sensitive and vulnerable. It is as if you are carrying around a sadness that needs to be healed.

You have an inherent insecurity and need for protection. The crab's shield is a very good image of your need for protection. You must learn to love and trust life and all that it entails. Not to throw yourself headlong into life, but to lower the parades little by little, in a safe environment.

Cancer is archetypically associated with motherhood, and caring comes naturally to you. You are often the one who supports and nurtures others and you attach great importance to family ties, biological or not. Giving yourself the same support you give others is another matter. You can get caught in a pattern where you always support others and (over-)protect or forgive others, when you should have taken care of yourself.

But you are more than the caregiver. The key is to take care of yourself first and foremost. To heal oneself. When you yourself are healed, you can use your abilities to heal others (in the broadest sense), i.e. in some way touch others deeply and make a positive difference in their lives.

Behind the hard shell, there is a soft interior, and your feelings will probably find their way out somehow. So better take control yourself.  


Leo radiates a natural authority and pride and easily attracts attention. You can have big arm movements, are generous and give lots of attention to those you care about. But you also love attention, romance and play.

You want to be loved for who you are. And that is not an entirely unreasonable demand. It's just that you tend to dazzle those around you with your special "I'm the King (or Queen) of the World" radiance. They see the performer, the leader. The wow factor. But are they really seeing you? At least you don't necessarily feel seen.


You have another, more vulnerable side that hungers to be seen. You need to leave your mark on the world. And that imprint must be valued. When you are your best self, the reviews aren't that important, and it doesn't matter that much if your audience is big or small. But you need an audience.


What Leo teaches us is to say YES to life! To celebrate ourselves, play, love and express ourselves without reservation. It is the inner child. You are concerned with finding out who you are. Not assertive or calculating. If you act theatrically to get attention or recognition or act superior or try to impress others, you are in the shadow side of Leo.


The key is to develop a personality. A warm and genuine expression of who you are. You need to creatively express what is on your heart. It can be expressed in all kinds of ways - via song, dance, art, storytelling, etc. The important thing is that you express what you really are - in a way that fills you with joy and warmth.


Virgo is a symbol of purity. It completed. You strive for nothing less than perfection. You have a well-developed discernment. You have the ability, on the one hand, to see reality for what it is - and on the other hand, to imagine what it could be. You are driven by the will to constantly develop and constantly see opportunities to refine and improve. There is always room for improvement, and you mean that, not least when it comes to yourself.

But you stand for something else and more than self-development. Virgo represents the principle of serving others. Not understood as being in an inferior position. It's about expressing who you are through the service you provide. To contribute something meaningful. In practice, this means that you identify with your work or the service you otherwise provide. You are extremely hard-working and detail-oriented. Among other things, it is about that when what you provide gets better, so do YOU.

As with everything else in life, it's about finding a balance. If you make a mistake, you may tend to feel guilt and shame and make endless attempts to correct your mistakes. The key is that you have to learn to love yourself as you are. Now, not until you've improved. Your ability to see what could be better means that you can be overly critical, both of yourself and others. Nothing is ever good enough – it can always be better. Your pursuit of perfection must not mean that only the perfect is good enough. It is an illusion. The art is therefore to accept the imperfect and continue to strive towards perfection. To live in the present and notice the difference you make here and now.


Libra symbolizes balance and harmony. Equilibrium. If you get something on one scale, there must be something corresponding on the other. In other words, the complete consists of two complementary halves. You are therefore also fundamentally very spacious. You accept the basic premise that people are different, and consider differences and paradoxes as a gift.

Despite the balance as a symbol, you often feel the opposite. Imbalance, disequilibrium and injustice. The goal is to develop serenity. A conscious control over your nervous system and your sense of inner balance. Getting to a point where nothing can throw you off balance or take your peace of mind. Sorrow and joy will always be a natural part of life - but the goal is to reach the point where you can have chaos around you, but you stand firm and calm. Like a rock.

In very low practical terms, it's about learning to take it easy. To refrain from getting upset when you experience an unpleasant situation. Taking a deep breath before reacting. Maybe the PYT button is designed specifically for Libra? (or maybe Virgo…). But it doesn't come by itself. It takes will and action to change your unconscious reactions.

There are many paths to inner peace. You don't need to do breathing exercises, meditate or go to a conflict management course. You have a special fondness for the aesthetic and beautiful. You have a flair for color combinations, patterns, design and art. And you thrive in beautiful surroundings – and creating something that is aesthetically pleasing yourself. Going for a walk in nature or pursuing artistic interests are obvious ways to create or maintain the balance you need.

Libra is known to be   closely associated with relationships. The emphasis is on "the others". You learn through your relationships - and learning often takes place through conflict-filled and problematic relationships, especially couples.

You seem to be good at relationships. Is pleasant, charming and keeps others in balance. It's just that you are so preoccupied with others that you forget the balance within yourself. It's about compromising in the right places, without compromising who you are. You may have a tendency to seek harmony in a relationship to such an extent that you become almost self-destructive. It may be "picture perfect", but not a real harmony.

As you learn to speak up and put yourself first—at least sometimes—you'll find that the bonds you make will feel more meaningful and fulfilling. The relationships will be characterized by being equal. With equal weight on the two scales, so to speak.  


You can often tell a Scorpio by sight. Your gaze is enigmatic, penetrating and exploratory. You are intense. Not just in your look, but in your whole approach to life. You are interested in all emotions, from the darkest darkness to the brightest light. For the same reason, love is also a deep and intense affair for you. It's the real thing, with skin and hair.

What Scorpio can teach us is to live authentically and passionately in the present. You do this by dropping everything that is a facade and not authentic. Everything that is "appropriate" and what you simply don't have the heart for. Dropping the facades may sound quite innocent, but it is an intense experience. Only when you have freed yourself from everything that is "fake" do you know who you really are and what you want.


You drill deep into your own mind, but also into the world around you. You are the "duvet lifter". You are curious about what is hidden from the surface. Secrets, deception, the unconscious. There is nothing to be pushed under the carpet. It is about making the unconscious conscious. You feel through life and act on your feelings, which requires courage. It is not about logical reasoning and rational arguments. It's about feelings.


Sexuality is important to you. But contrary to what many may think, it's not just about sex and orgasms. It is primarily about the emotional. The intimacy of the intense, emotional encounter. You seek out intense experiences, not only in sexual relationships. You have an insatiable hunger for intense experiences. It also means that you handle tasks differently than many others. You fight fiercely and with great intensity and tenacity. You must solve the task! You have special abilities in sales, psychology and problem solving, but if you have a real interest in something, you're probably also good at it!


You are curious by nature. Sagittarius' ambition is – in all immodesty – to know everything and understand everything! You are constantly exploring new territories and want to know more about everything that interests you... and it ranges widely! You expand your knowledge and your awareness. You seek the ultimate meaning of life. This is what the arrow of Sagittarius points to. There is no clear end, only an endless process - an eternal search for meaning.

Part of your development process is about freeing yourself from ties that bind you to a certain culture, certain values and customs or ways of thinking. It requires you to remain open to new ideas and ways of thinking and living. Is genuinely interested in the unknown. Maybe through formal education, but it could just as well be through experiences that make you look at life in a new way.

Personal freedom is important to you. You are adventurous and freedom-loving - and don't like restrictions at all. You need large arm movements and jump enthusiastically into new adventures without hesitation. You are fundamentally optimistic (sometimes over-optimistic) and are mostly in a good mood.

Your unwavering faith, humor and willingness to throw yourself into new adventures are without a doubt   clear strengths and help you live a fuller life. But you may have a tendency to see your way of looking at the world as the only right way - you know best! You actually often know a lot - it's clear now that you're always looking to know more. Your openness and enthusiasm often bring "luck" with it. But your tendency to overextend yourself, over-optimism and general poor judgment is the flip side of the coin.

You can have too much faith in the process and overlook something along the way. You may also tend to blindly follow other people's ideologies or values. Although freedom is important to you and your development, you may, for example, have to give it up in a relationship. In other words, blind trust can make you "aim too low".


Capricorn is the epitome of self-discipline. Regardless of the pressure there may be from all sides, you stick to what you decide and carry out, no matter what. Neither fear, frustration nor resistance can tip you off the stick. You continue up the mountain until you reach the top. Step by step. Methodical and targeted. Willpower and persistence are some of your key strengths.

Capricorn also represents the ability to resist temptation. Saying no to one thing to achieve something else (and better, of course). And about being alone. It's not just about spending time alone, although that's definitely a good idea for you. It is about recognition coming from within. Instead of measuring yourself against a notion of external success or failure, your goal should be integrity. No lies or facades, but a complete coincidence between your outward behavior and your inner motivation.

But it takes work to get there. Power and social recognition can be seductive. But you can't play to someone else's pipe. Therefore, your career path or role should outwardly reflect your personal values and interests. What your heart burns for.

Your self-control can be both a strength and a downside. It is a strength when you use it to reach new heights. However, it can also be expressed as suppression of your emotional reactions along the way. Capricorn's reputation for being cold-hearted isn't about you being. More that you can be cold to yourself, suppress your feelings and be misunderstood. The trick is to acknowledge your feelings. They are a part of you and necessary for your integrity.


The key words for the Aquarius are freedom and individuality. The ability to go your own way - regardless of what your family, friends, boss or authorities may think. Everyone is subject to norms and direct or indirect pressure from their social circle, and everyone wants to fit in. But if, as a Water Bearer, you surrender to conformity, it is all lost. 

But going against the flow can be a challenge. You will face resistance. Maybe others will outright laugh at you and think you're crazy. Or maybe others will just say that what you want can't be done. Maybe no one has done it before you. It can be authorities or norms and value sets that oppose you - but the resistance can also come from family, boyfriend and friends. They probably mean well - but they just don't understand you. You probably want to live up to their expectations and may feel that you should set yourself aside so as not to disappoint those around you. But. You must not compromise with who you are. You will find that you will occasionally find yourself in situations where you have to make some difficult choices. Choices that will probably disappoint or shock people around you, and which mean that you must be prepared to stand a little alone. In time, however, you will find that when you go your own way, you will also find the right people to associate with. It might not be who you first thought it would be. But they are there.  


It is often said about the Aquarius that it can be mad or brilliant. There may be truth in both. Genius is not necessarily about being extremely intelligent. It is more about being ahead of one's time. Dare to think in ways that are not the norm. But the 'crazy' Aquarius can find themselves being eccentric just for the sake of being eccentric - or insisting on the right to rebel without it really serving any particular purpose. This can happen if you do not dare to stand by your own individuality and reluctantly go with the flow. Then your inherent need for rebellion and freedom can be expressed in inappropriate ways. This is not about revolutionary thinking. It's probably more about the fact that your life has become too predictable and conventional, so that the feeling of rebellion instead comes out as sarcastic remarks or quirks. Perhaps with the conventional life you are outwardly successful. But you feel like an outsider. Remote and not present. 


You are extremely sensitive and receptive. The other water signs, Cancer and Scorpio, have shields that can protect them, but the fish is completely and utterly receptive to even the most subtle energies and you can feel like you're being bombarded with impressions. It can be overwhelming and difficult to accommodate.

If you spend too much time in the outer world, without creative inspiration or some form of spiritual practice, you will quickly be drained of energy and joy. You are particularly vulnerable to depression, exhaustion and somatic symptoms. But only if you don't take the time to "reset". Focus inward.

You need to spend some time each day focusing on the mind. It's not about anything religious. It's about disappearing for a moment to a peaceful place. To shut down external stimuli and just be. Stare out the window, daydream, meditate, take a walk in the moonlight, sit in the garden. Anything! If you don't actively seek it out, your subconscious will make sure that you occasionally involuntarily "disappear" for a moment.

Dreams, imagination and artistic expression are the domain of Pisces. When your imagination runs free, you suddenly experience your inner world as real. It is important for you to be in touch with your inner life. But you also have to - at least occasionally - return to 'reality'. Your contact with both worlds makes you visionary and inventive. When you create something, it touches many. Just as you are influenced by others, you influence those around you with your presence. Your deep compassion and feeling for other people can seem almost magnetic and mysterious to others, which can be attractive to especially sensitive people.

You have high ideals and are empathetic and helpful by nature. However, you can easily become overly helpful and gullible - setting boundaries is not something that comes naturally to you. You must therefore learn to set boundaries, to avoid being taken advantage of and stepped on - and to create some framework in your life, so that everything does not flow and end in chaos.

Your longing to be free from earthly troubles may mean that you flee from what you do not want to deal with. If you fail to turn your attention inward, your emotional pain can become too much, so you instead numb it with anything that can take the edge off or numb the pain or make the feeling go away. It could be, for example, overconsumption of alcohol, medicine, drugs, sugar - or Netflix. You can also over-romanticize and refuse to see things for what they are.


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