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The distribution of planets in the 12 signs creates different patterns in a horoscope. In some horoscopes the planets are evenly distributed in the signs, while in others they are lumped together in larger or smaller clusters. The patterns are calledhoroscope types, and says something about how the person most often uses the resources that are in the horoscope.

Some horoscopes are not so easy to place in one of the 7 types. If your horoscope is right on the border between two horoscope types, you shouldn't pay so much attention to the type. It is especially the clean-cut types that say a lot about a person - already at first glance! 

In 5 of the 7 horoscope types there is one or morefocal planets, Focus planets are planets that, due to their location, are particularly important. The planet's characteristics clearly come through as an inner driving force in the person's life and can be said to dominate the horoscope to some extent. Get an overview of the 7 horoscope types.

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The wedge. Focused and targeted

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The bowl. Composed and cool. 

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The island. Contrasts beneath the surface.

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The locomotive. Doesn't stop once it starts.

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The ring. Versatile and open. 

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The seesaw. Tolerant and compassionate. 

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The tripod. Principled and uncompromising.


Often seems almost magnetically attractive to others. Determination and great inner strength are clearly felt by the surroundings. The wedge's strength is its ability to concentrate and focus. Preferably do one thing at a time, and immerse yourself fully in exactly what occupies it.

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Here the focal planet plays a special role. The other 9 planets symbolize the person's introverted energies. The focus planet symbolizes the way the extroverted side. The planet accumulation is the internal generator that drives the focal planet. Would like to be recognized for action, overview and leadership skills.

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It is the nature of the Ringtype to spread over many areas of interest. In his search for experiences, the person can therefore go in all directions at once. It can do a little of everything and knows a little about everything. Is often a bit of a multi-talent. prefer not to miss anything, and can stress and confuse themselves.  on the other hand, the ring type often has an almost panoramic overview, which the other types may lack.

Træning af yoga


The tripod is a rare type. It has a strong personality and willpower. It is difficult to overturn or get off course. It is an individualist. Has difficulty acknowledging that other people know better and rarely takes advice. It wants to and can do it itself! You often find self-taught or independent people in this type. would like to be respected for his individuality, steadfastness and steadfastness of principle.



Radiates inner calm and self-awareness. Is calm, composed and cool in stressful situations. However, the bowl is more impressionable than one would initially think. Emphasizes safety and security and stands unwaveringly on his views. it's either-or

Ung kvinde


Has great weight and can be compared to a steam drum. Once the person has got the hang of it, it goes slowly but surely forward. Then it is unstoppable! Does not care about surprises and unpredictability and spends a lot of time on rigorous planning and management. Would like to be recognized for its structure, order, firmness of principle and invulnerability.

Stærk Basketball Player


Can empathize so much with the other party's views that it becomes doubtful of what it itself thinks. Vippen wants to live an unlimited and colorful life and refuses to divide the world into black and white. It gives the person a lot of latitude, it also challenges them to make personal decisions without relying on others. Vippen is, on the other hand, an ideal broker. Would like to be respected for his psychological understanding and tolerance.

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