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Most people know their zodiac sign; the sign the sun was in at birth. And the vast majority also know at least some of the most common (and sometimes somewhat condemning) descriptions of the various signs. "Well, you're a Scorpio? Huh, so you must be the jealous type" or "Taurus? Well, they're stubborn." The Water Bearer (also called Aquarius) doesn't like being boxed in - but aren't they a little weird too, or do they just want to do things their own way? There may be truth in the fixed "personality types", but the reality is somewhat more complicated. A zodiac sign has many nuances and expressions. And not only  that, you are not only your zodiac sign! A horoscope actually contains all 12 signs, but planets and aspects show how and to what degree they unfold. 

A horoscope contains many elements and can quickly become too complex. But if you know your sun sign (zodiac sign), your ascendant and your moon sign, you have already come a long way.

But do you even know your ascendant? The ascendant depends on the exact time and place of birth and is the term for the "rising sign", i.e. the point in our solar system that is due east at the exact moment of birth. The eastern horizon naturally changes depending on where on earth you are. This is the explanation why it is important to know the time of birth. But as you know, the earth also rotates once around itself in one day - while the zodiac signs (ecliptic) stay where they are! This means that the ascendant moves through all signs in a day.

The Ascendant is your outward person and is other people's first impression of you. It is our "expression" and style, the way we carry ourselves, our facial expressions and gesticulations. The ascendant is expressed in the meeting with the outside world. If your sun sign and your ascendant are very different, it is therefore not uncommon for people who don't know you very well to see your ascendant first. However, the Ascendant is more than your "facade". It says a lot about how you navigate through life and what "filter" you see the world through. The planet that rules your ascendant sign also says something about the type of activities you develop through.

The ascendant, like the sun, is absolutely central to being able to read a horoscope. If you know your exact time and place of birth, you can easily calculate it online - you can, for example, google "calculate ascendant", or, where you can both see and save your horoscope and get more basic information completely free of charge.

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What is a horoscope?   

The word horoscope comes from Greek; 'hora' - time - and 'skopos' - to examine. A horoscope provides an opportunity to examine the time.


A horoscope is a pie chart that shows the position of the planets at a given time, as seen from a given location.  Yourbirth chartshows, for example, the position of the planets exactly when you were born - seen from your hometown.

You can cast a horoscope for anything as long as you know the birth or start time. For example, you can draw up a horoscope for an event, a business, a country, a relationship, or for that matter a pet. And it is also possible to draw up a horoscope for a group, team, a family or a band.

Construction of a horoscope

A horoscope consists of a circle (360°) built around 4 components:

Planets, signs, houses and aspects.

The planets(as well as asteroids, fixed stars, lunar nodes, etc.) we know from astronomy. In astrology, the planets represent different parts of you. The planets showwhat we even talk about.


Howthe planets express themselves, is about the signs they stand in. 

The horoscope circle is divided into12 characters, each consisting of 30°. The planets are constantly in motion, so how they are distributed in signs depends on when you were born. Some planets are long in one sign, while others are quickly on to the next. This is why astrology can also say something about generational trends.

The horoscope is also divided into12 houses, which can be of different sizes. Your time of birth, together with your hometown, forms the basis for calculating the main axes of the horoscope (the horizontal line marks the 1st/7th house and the vertical line marks the 4th/10th house) and thus the 12 houses. The 12 houses describe different areas of life, i.e.wherethe themes play out in your life.  It is necessary to have a precise time of birth to be able to calculate the 12 houses. 

The last and fourth component of the horoscope isthe aspects. Aspects are typically shown as lines in different colors and show specific angular distances between the planets. There are some aspects that are more challenging than others, but basically any connection between planets is about thatintegratethe - sometimes opposing - energies.


Calculation of horoscope 

In the past, a horoscope had to be calculated and drawn up by hand. It required encyclopedias of the positions of the planets and changes in house placements. It was a complex task to calculate and draw up a horoscope. Fortunately, today it can be done with a few clicks! If you don't have an astrology program, there are a number of websites where you can calculate and draw your horoscope completely free of charge. For example, you can enter your data and have your horoscope calculatedhere.

Interpretation of horoscope

Calculating the horoscope is one thing - interpretation is quite another! Beware of falling for cheap, computer-generated astrology reports that, for good reason, cannot relate to the horoscope in its entirety, but provide disjointed, standardized statements. A session with a professional astrologer is a completely different matter, so give yourself the gift of trying - or learn to interpret the whole yourself.

Are you interested in learning more about how you caninterpretyour horoscope, you can, for example, start by reading more aboutAstroLearningor explore the free and paid courses atUniversal Logic Academy. If you are interested in taking a course in astrology, I also teach the online diploma course in astrology atThe IC Institute.

For beginners

this video I show how a horoscope is built. You can, for example, get to know the symbols for the signs and the planets and find out how you can tell if a planet is, for example, in the 7th or 8th house.

HereI show you how you can look up your horoscope for free on and give some help on how to read the symbols. 

If you want to learn more about how to interpret a horoscope, stay updated at Universal Logic Academy- and finally let me know if there are topics that you can't find knowledge about elsewhere.     

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