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Postponed due to covid-19


The Association Ekliptika

Lecture: Step astrology - a key to personal development

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Lecture: Step astrology - a key to personal development
Lecture: Step astrology - a key to personal development

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Postponed due to covid-19

The Association Ekliptika, Ringstedgade 6, kld., 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Om begivenheden

Come to a lecture at Ekliptika in Østerbro, where I talk about step astrology. 


You don't need to know much about astrology to know that a person born under the sign of Cancer, for example, contains much more than just the characteristics of Cancer. Serious astrology, regardless of direction, relates to a horoscope in its entirety and the nuances are almost endless. It is therefore also doubtful that there are astrologers who believe that one can get around the entire horoscope during one session.

One limitation that astrologers can run into is that a person's level of consciousness cannot be read directly from the horoscope. A horoscope is dynamic and can be used differently, depending on the individual's free choice and personal development. The question thus becomes: How does the horoscope unfold in practice? And then: How can the person develop and live out the highest expression of his horoscope?

Step astrology contributes a relatively low-practical approach to personal development. There is a difference between experiencing a Sun in 7° Cancer and a Sun in 23° Cancer. Just as there is a difference in how Mercury in 8° and 16° Capricorn respectively expresses itself. The key lies in the degree numbers and the individual path to personal development implicit in them.

Step astrology was developed by the American astrologer Christopher Witecki and is, among other things, inspired by numerology.

Eclipticis an interest association for astrology-interested people at all levels. Among the members are both professional astrologers and absolute amateurs - and both parties are equally welcome! The association has lecture activities with domestic and foreign astrologers, debate and presentation evenings, a library with loans to the members, and publishes a newsletter four times a year.


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