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The beginning of the end for the monarchy?

The change of regency in UK from an astrological perspective

Queen Elizabeth II is dead. Her Majesty the Queen, 96 years old, passed away peacefully while in her summer residence Balmoral in Scotland. The Queen reigned for just over 70 years.

May she rest in peace.

The death of the Queen was announced Septembre 8 2022 at 18.30 GMT. Just two days prior, the Queen had officially appointed Liz Truss as Great Britain's new Prime Minister.

King Charles III is now the new regent of Great Britain. The 73-year-old king will be officially crowned on Saturday 10 September.

So it looks like Nostradamus' famous prediction of the Queen's death in 2022 being the end of the monarchy is not true afterall...?

For those of you who are not familiar with Nostradamus, his prophecies are highly debated as they are written in a somewhat cryptic manner and are not always completely accurate. For example, he has made apt descriptions of the "foreign agent Butins", that for some reason give certain associations to a former KGB agent Putin. Similarly he has made predictions for

Trompe/Trump and Hister/Hitler.

Nostradamus, who lived from 1503 to 1566, has often been called the "prophet of doom" as most of his predictions are about deaths, war and destruction, including the French Revolution and the two World Wars. And currently: War led by "Butin", Butin's death, natural disasters, inflation - and the end of the succession to the throne in the UK. At least according to some of the interpretations* of his cryptic texts.

The times, astrologically

Prophecies or not, there is something striking about the timing of this change of regency. Not because it's surprising, given the age and health of Queen Elizabeth. And one would think that Charles, with his 73 years, is ready for the task at hand...

But no more than 2 days ago, I commented on Facebook on the slightly 'unfortunate' timing of the announcement of Liz Truss' new role as Prime Minister. Of course, that particular post was about that event specifically and thus some astrological factors have changed now.

But the bottom line is that Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter are ALL retrograde. Chiron, that is prominent in King Charles' natal chart and is currently conjunct his MC (public image and position in society), is ALSO retrograde. Mercury is currently at a "stand still" and will turn retrograde tomorrow, September 10, on the day of to coronation. Also, Mars is in his pre-shadow period, which practically means that Mars will return later and move over the same degrees again. Obviously, implying that the coronation would have to be un-done or somehow re-done would be very inappropriate, yet...

Speaking of Mars..

Mars has another important role at the moment, namely in Liz Truss' natal chart. Truss has her Mars at 17 Taurus and is thus personally involved in the collective shapeshifter energy, reflected in the ongoing conjunction between Uranus and the North Node. Truss has in fact been called just that (shapeshifter is a true Uranus word), for example here. Among other things, Mars is about one's capacity to assert oneself, and in Taurus, of course, to assert one's values. Whether or not Truss will stay in office for long, there is no doubt that she plays an important role, in one way or another, in creating value changes.

Incidentally, the lunar nodes were also on her Mars in 1994, when she gave her infamous speech as a 16-year-old, in which she expressed her sharp opposition to the monarchy. However, at that time it was the south node, not the north node, that was conjunct her Mars.

"We Liberal Democrats believe in opportunity for all, we believe in fairness and common sense.
We do not believe that people should be born to rule, or that they should put up and shut up about decisions which affect their everyday lives."

Liz Truss has pronounced that what she said in that speech is no longer an expression of her position. After all, it's been 28 years since she made these statements.

Still, there is something about this particular quote that seems somewhat familiar in these times we live in. With Pluto at the end of Capricorn, we are witnessing crisis and breakdown of old dogmas, rigid rules, outdated power structures, abuse of power and oppression. And one thing that is definitely associated with Capricorn, is the monarchy. The monarch as the formal (aka pro forma) head of state who signs the country's laws and of course also represents the country both nationally and internationally.

Depending on one's perspective on the monarchy (I apologize in advance if there are any royalists reading this. I know it's a touchy subject for some and particularly right now), one could argue that either a) the monarch and the entire royal family are very powerful or b) they have no power. Very powerful because you are born into a position of privilege and constitutional rights, just like that. Or no power because the obligations that come with the title implies in practice that you have to give up your personal freedom. Even, to a certain degree, if you decide to renounce or are otherwise stripped of your title and whatever goes with it. To illustrate this, I just googled "Harry and Meghan" to see when there was last written an article about them. Turns out that was 17 minutes ago. So they are not completely forgotten..

A modern monarchy or the beginning of the end?

The big question is perhaps: What will happen to the British monarchy and the constitutional monarchy more generally in the future? As with the other showdowns here at the end of Pluto in Capricorn, there have been many hints about changes about to happen, and perhaps it's more than just some adjustments.

I recall a conversation a few years ago with the astrologers Tinna and Henrik Bisbo, where we discussed the future of the constitutional monarchy from an astrological perspective. They had given it much more thought than I, including how the "progressiveness" in the group horoscope of the Danish Royal family is based on the Crown Princess Mary and Princess Marie, who both have their Sun in Aquarius. And as Henrik and Tinna asked: Will the monarchy survive?

The Uranus-Saturn square is finishing off (they will meet up in an almost-exact square one last time in October 2022 and then Saturn moves on). The square represents the battle between the old and the new. The traditional and the progressive. The past-oriented and the future-oriented. Astrologically, it reflects a need for change, but at the same time a balance is needed between the two opposites. It is about rethinking our values ​​(Uranus in Taurus), but also about being responsible and respecting personal freedom (Saturn in Aquarius). Aquarius is also the community. The people. "Power to the people", including minorities.

Pluto is being contemplative right now in the retrograde period. But after 15 years in Capricorn, in March 2023, Pluto finally moves into the sign of Aquarius (from June 2023 to January 2024, though, he returns to Capricorn one last time and who knows what needs to be resolved then). So don't you think that we'll be facing more historical changes in the British monarchy, and perhaps in the Danish too?

I totally respect both those of you who are pro and those of you who are against the monarchy - and I personally understand both sides. My aim however is not to discuss personal views on it (actually I won't), and most of all it's not my intention to be disrespectful to all of those who mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth. Yet times are changing, and from an astrological view, I believe that it we need to keep up.

That applies to the monarchy.

That applies to governments, dictators (!) and everyone in powerful positions.

And of course that applies to you and me.

It is never too late to gain a new perspective. But astrology says: It's about time.


* there are many translations of Nostradamus' original prophecies, including The True Prophecies or Prognostications of Michael Nostradamus from 1672, which contains both the French text and the English translation, and is said to be the best translation. It is available as kindle, paperback and hardback.

There are plenty of astrologers and news media who have written about Nostradamus' predictions and different interpretations, which are available online.

** this post was originally written in Danish and translated into English. Please bear with me **



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