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Moon phases

What is the significance of the phases of the moon in an astrological perspective? And what does it mean that you were born under a certain moon phase?

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Moon phases
Moon phases

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Postponed due to covid-19

AstroLab, Torupvejen 69, Hundested, Denmark

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The phase of the moon is defined based on the position of the moon in relation to the Sun and the Earth. The Moon does not shine by itself, so when we can see more or less of the Moon, it is because the Sun illuminates the Moon. For example, when there is a new moon, the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun and its dark side faces the Earth. Astrologically, the Moon and the Sun are in conjunction. During a full moon, the Earth is positioned between the Moon and the Sun and the Moon seen from the Earth is fully illuminated. Astrologically, the Moon and the Sun are in opposition here, i.e. 180° apart. 

It has long been known that the Moon has a profound influence on nature, our consciousness and our body. Some astrologers have even researched and seen patterns in the stock market based on the phases of the moon. The current phase of the moon can say something about how our collective consciousness is affected. But the phase of the moon in your personal horoscope is also important. The relationship between the Moon and the Sun in your horoscope is one of the "secrets" behind a successful combination of your personality and your emotional life. The moon phase can tell about your basic emotional energy, but also indicates what you need to be emotionally balanced and happy with life.  

If you want to know what moon phase you were born under and what it means to you, you have the option of sending your birth data in advance of the event or bringing the information with you on the day.   

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  • Moon phases

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